Trevinos Pitbulls Sales Contract

PURCHASER: ________________________________________


PHONE: ____________________________________________




PICK #_______________ SEX: MALE / FEMALE         REGISTRATION: ADBA &/or ABKC

SIRE: ______________________________________________

DAM: ______________________________________________

COLOR/MARKINGS OF PUP____________________________

PRICE $ _________              

TOTAL DUE $ _________       DEPOSIT $ _________


Puppies must be paid for in full prior to 4 weeks of age or deposit will be voided... Deposits are non-refundable... BUT CAN BE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEXT IMMEDIATE LITTER... ( one time only)

 TREVINOS PITBULLS guarantees pup to be current on vaccinations and free from the following:

-At transfer pup is guaranteed to be free from DISTEMPER, ADENOVIRUS, PARAINFLUENZA, PARVOVIRUS, LEPTOSPIRA, CORONAVIRUS (unless new owner takes the pup at or before 6 weeks of age which is the age for the 1st set of shots)  they are responsable for shots and deworming, TREVINOS PITBULLS  will not be held responsable for the owners negliance of keeping up with the shots when leaving the yard). It is recommended to take puppy's home @ 8 wks.

Buyer agrees to have pup examined by licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of transfer. If at that time the pup is found to have any of the above mentioned, TREVINOS PITBULLS  will  replace the pup or issue a refund  provided the condition is life threatening in the opinion of two qualified veterinarians.  Warranty is null and void if the pup is not examined w/ in 72 hrs by a licensed Veterinarian.  We @ TREVINOS PITBULLS will make every effort to provide our clients with a loving companion for years to come. We go to great lengths to keep & produce dogs in great health .  At time of pick-up pup is fully guarranteed. Any problems must be brought to our attention immediately within the 72 hr. period if not warranty is voided. Vet bills and shipping costs will not be refunded.  IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH ANY OF THESE TERMS OUR DOGS ARE NOT FOR YOU.

Dogs of all breeds are prone to bacterial, viral, fungal and staph infections as well as various forms of dermititis, allergies, demodex, and color mutant alopecia. We @ TREVINOS PITBULLS  have done countless hours of research and had lengthy conversations with our vets. As a result of our findings and the opinions of our vets we DO NOT guarrantee against any skin or coat problems. Nor will  we be responsible for skin or coat problems which are common in dogs. Most of these coat and skin problems are easily and inexpensively treated for around $50.00. Most breeders will not tell you about this problems but we feel that  it is your right to know. Not all dogs are affected by skin problems but you should be prepared in case the problem arises with your new puppy. We will not knowingly breed a dog that is  producer of any skin disease. There is no test available for  this problems prior to signs of infection.

Buyer agrees to keep pup current on all vaccinations and wormings & to the terms mentioned above.


- Both parties agree that no dogs / puppies, nor Sire or Dam of such have been bred or sold for fighting or any illegal purpose TREVINOS PITBULLS  RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CARRY THE TREVINOS NAME ON THE REGISTRATION PAPERS OF ALL PUPS/DOGS SOLD.THE BUYER MAY GIVE THE SAID PUP/DOG A CALL NAME.

We the undersigned have read,understand,and agree with the terms of this contract.



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