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All of our "American Pitbull Terrier" and "Blue Pitbulls" are ADBA  registered and all our "pitbulls" or "Pit bulls" puppies come with complete ADBA  "Pitbulls" registration.

Why Rules, Boundaries and Limitations are Key The sooner you set rules, boundaries and limitations, the sooner you get to enjoy a healthy, happy, and balanced blue pitbull. By Cesar Millan We’ve learned in other lessons that Pitbulls follow calm, assertive leaders. The pack leader, the mother or the male, embodies calm, assertive leadership.

Pit Bulls communicate through energy at every moment. The pack leader projects calm, assertive energy and the rest of the pack responds with calm, submissive energy. This is how the pack achieves balance. From the moment puppies are born, the mom sets rules, boundaries and limitations. She tells her puppies how far they can go away from the den, when to eat and she walks with them.

The mother also allows the pit bull puppies to share activities with each other. When she wants play to end or just disagrees with what’s going on, she picks up a  pitbull puppy and takes him to another spot.

In all of these ways the mom sets rules, boundaries and limitations and in doing so nurtures her puppy’s healthy state of mind. As adults, pitbulls look to their pack leader to set these rules. Understand the Animal in the Dog If you are to understand the animal in the dog you must forget human psychology when dealing with your canine. Mother Nature created pack dynamics to guide the development and adult lives of dogs. Dogs become unstable when they live with us and lack a calm, assertive pack leader. Humans have the power to understand pack dynamics and we possess the ability to replicate pack dynamics. By doing so, we connect with our dogs on a primal level. The key to this is you as pack leader. To achieve this you must duplicate the action and attitude of a canine pack leader. Set and enforce rules, boundaries and limitations in a calm, assertive and consistent way. Feed your dog after his mind reaches a calm, submissive state and never reward unstable behavior. Walk with your blue pitbull puppy every day like his canine pack leader would. And only share affection after projecting the calm, assertive leadership that Nature has intended your dog to follow.

Start Early, Start Young People ask me when they should start setting rules, boundaries and limitations. The answer is now! Most people get a pitbull puppy and wait to teach him rules, boundaries or limitations until six months or one year old. Meanwhile, the blue pitbull puppy is teaching you rules, boundaries and limitations. At this point rehabilitation is required because you will have to regain the position you lost a long time ago. So start now – the sooner you set rules, boundaries and limitations, the sooner you get to enjoy a healthy, happy, and balanced dog.

How to Let Your Dog be a Dog
Dogs are animals, with needs that were created by Nature long ago. By Cesar Millan

Many clients I work with are surprised to learn that pitbull dogs don’t need love and affection to lead healthy, balanced lives. Why do my smart, educated clients make this mistake? Because they forget that dogs are animals, with animal needs set by Nature long before humans got involved. What dogs really need is a calm, assertive pack leader – not birthday parties, cute outfits or constant affection. Since most blue pitbull dogs are born into the follower role that means your blue nose pitbull is looking to you to provide the calm, assertive leadership that he’s hard-wired to seek. But humans often develop a different plan for our dogs. We want to make them our babies or our family. When people see a nervous or shy dog they see it as human and console it like they would another human. In the animal world this nurtures instability, something a pack leader would never do. Most dogs that live in this country have shelter, food, and lots of love. These are the dogs that often become unstable because they’re not working for food and water. These dogs yearn for a pack leader to allow them to feel balanced and connected. Wanted: Leadership You know the best gift you can give to your dog? Let your dog be a dog, and become his calm, assertive, consistent leader. Simply put, fulfill him before you fulfill yourself. Establish yourself as his pack leader and watch him blossom in the submissive role that Nature had written for him long ago.

The Food Philosophy Why it's Important for Dogs to Follow Commands Before Eating Domestication means that dogs don’t have to hunt for food, but they still have to work for food. In the animal world, waiting is a part of who they are. Dogs have to wait to eat; they don’t just get a meal by Federal Express. Domestication means that dogs don’t have to hunt for food, but they still have to work for food. When they’re little, puppies work for food by waiting for their mom. This is a form of psychological exercise, and it’s very important for a healthy state of mind. I feed many dogs at the same time with no problems. Dogs that show calm-submissive energy get to eat first, and I won’t feed dogs that show negative behaviors such as aggression or nervousness. I wait until these dogs project calm-submissive energy before they get fed, much like their mom or pack leader would do. Work for Food Before my dogs eat, I take them for a walk. In this way, I ask my dogs to work for food and water. This is a form of waiting, which is psychological exercise that helps nurture a balanced, happy dog. Your morning routine - every morning, not just some of the time - should go like this: Project calm-assertive energy before you give your dog affection. Then walk your dog to exercise her body and allow her to explore the world. When you get home, prepare her food. While you fill the bowl, ask your dog to sit. If she sits quietly and projects calm-submissive energy with no negative behaviors, place the bowl of food in front of her. Some of my clients think this routine sounds rigid. But from your dog’s perspective, it’s how Nature always intended her to live.

Cesar's Top 10 Summer Tips! With record temperatures around the country, it is important to keep your dogs in mind when it comes to keeping cool. Here is Cesar's Top 10 Tips for beating the summer heat!

1.) Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night. These are the cooler parts of the day, and this will make the walk more comfortable for both you and your dog. I’m a believer in vigorous exercise for healthy dogs, but this is the time of year to back off on exercise intensity.

2.) Use doggie boots. You can find these at your local pet supply store. If you can’t walk your dog during the early and later hours of the day, this is a good way of protecting it. Heat rises from the ground, especially on surfaces like cement and asphalt, and dogs absorb and release heat through their feet. Just like boots prevent the dog from absorbing the cold in the winter, they also isolate heat.

3.) Watch for signs of dehydration.  Pitbulls as well as all breeds of dogs can't sweat. They cool off by panting, so an overheated dog will drool excessively. It will become lethargic, its eyes will be bloodshot and it may appear a little pale. If you lift its skin, it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place.

4.) Let your  pit bull check the weather. Dogs don’t have the Weather Channel, so they don’t know why they are being denied a long walk for the day. Allow your dog to step outside and feel for itself that it is too hot, too wet or too cold to go on a long walk. Instinctually, the dog will understand that it has to shorten its walk, or simply come back inside where it’s safe.

5.) Find innovative ways to cool your dog. Don’t have air conditioning? No problem! Find a spot in the shade and set up a kiddie pool. At the Dog Psychology Center, we have misters that spray the dogs with gentle streams of misty water. Lay down a wet towel for your dog to lie on. Or simply set up a fan in front of a pan of ice.

6.) Dogs cool from the bottom up. Make sure to spray the paws and stomach, not just the top of the dog, when spraying it with water. A wet towel does more good on the bottom of your dog than when laid on the top of its coat.








7.) Let your dog dig! Your dog may resort to finding his own way to avoid the heat. Dogs in nature dig their dens not out of frustration but to find food, hide, give birth or keep cool! If it’s possible, locate a shady area where it’s okay for your  pit bull to dig.

8.) Keep your dog hydrated! Different dogs have different needs when battling the heat. Keep in mind that darker coats absorb more heat than lighter coats. Also, overweight dogs will dehydrate faster. Carry a bottle of water when going on a walk with your dog. Better yet have your dog carry it for you in a backpack or a vest! The water in the bottles will keep the dog cooler and also give the dog a sense of purpose.

9.) Never leave your dog in a parked car. The car retains more heat than an open area, even if it is in the shade. Plus, a dog may get overexcited in the car due to passersby or panic from claustrophobia, making dehydration more likely. On longer trips, make sure you have water for the dog and keep the AC running.

10.) Use hot weather as an excuse to swim more often! The best activity you can do in summertime or hot weather is swimming. Instead of walking the blue pit bull, take the dog on a swim! If you hold them and allow them to take you around the pool, it becomes a powerful bonding experience for the two of you, similar to the walk




Behavior Rehabilitation Discovering the Cause of Barking If nuisance barking is a problem, consider these issues to find a solution. Some clients tell me that they love coming home because their dog greets them excitedly by jumping and barking. They feel this proves their dogs love for and bond with the family. But look at a dog in a natural setting; she doesn’t bark and yelp and jump on her pack mates in a burst of affection. So what are my clients’ dogs trying to say? Looking Deeper for Answers Dogs that greet their owners in this way are trying to communicate. But rather than professing undying love, they are probably trying to tell you that they are lonely and bored and that their needs as a dog are not being met. The excitement that you see is your dog’s way of burning off the excess energy that has been building throughout the day. People shouldn’t be disappointed by this revelation. This just means that dogs don’t use emotions like people do. Remember, they’re dogs. To love a dog means you must treat him like an animal, which means fulfilling him as Nature intended him to be fulfilled. Now, let’s get back to our barking dog. So-called nuisance barking, which is often ongoing and not in response to a particular stimulus like a jogger running by the house, is your dog’s way of sending you a distress signal. Somewhere his needs as an animal are not being met. Is his world anchored by a pack leader who projects calm-assertive energy? Are you walking with him every day, which exercises his body and his mind? Is he living a balanced life? If nuisance barking is a problem, consider these issues to find a solution. It’s the best way to show real love for your dog.

Common Feeding Mistakes People Make

Food carries a powerful message in the dog world. By Cesar Millan Feeding provides your dog with nutrition and gives you the opportunity to shape your dog’s behavior.

Don’t Miss Out on the Ritual of Feeding When puppies are little, they wait to be fed by their mother. This waiting is a form of work – psychological work, and it builds a healthy state of mind. Day after day, this ritual plays out among the pack. I take my dogs for a walk before I feed them. This form of waiting provides my dogs with psychological work and builds a healthy mind. The walk also promotes a healthy body and allows my dogs to experience the world.

Don’t Reinforce Negative Behaviors When Feeding Dogs don’t get fed when their mind is excited, nervousness, tense or aggressive. They get fed when their mind is calm and submissive, which is what their animal pack leader would require. Make sure your dog has reached a calm and submissive state before you place the food bowl in front of him. If you feed him when he displays any negative behaviors, such as nerves or excitement, you will reinforce these behaviors and guarantee that they will reoccur. Food carries a powerful message in the dog world. Understanding its meaning and consequences will allow you to connect with your dog and help him to lead a happy, balanced life.

A balanced, healthy nutrition plan is an important part of your pet’s health. Your pet requires a balanced diet that will help to keep him healthy. Pitbulls are unlike humans – the food they eat is the same day to day, as humans are able to choose a variety of different foods day to day. For this reason alone your pitbull needs to meet his nutritional requirements for proteins, vitamins and minerals all in one daily diet.

Practicing a good, healthy diet is not only good for your pitbulls overall health it will also help his skin, hair coat and more. A healthy nutrition plan will help his internal workings to assure your pitbull's optimal health and long life here with you!

Let’s take a look at some of the crucial nutritional values your pit bull's diet should contain on an average:

Vitamins and minerals in small amounts are essential to your pitbull's overall health and well being. Calcium and phosphorus (parts of the bone) sodium (essential part of the of the enzymes system) and iron (component of hemoglobin) are just a few of the many essential vitamins and minerals needed for your pit bull's optimal health and nutrition. Taking the time to assure your pit bull is getting proper nutrition will lead to him having a happier, healthier, longer life!

Protein is another vitamin that is crucial for your pet’s heath. Protein is his source of amino acids which are required for the manufacturing of bones, muscles, hair coat, skin and everything else inside his body. Protein is an essential part of your pit bull's nutritional and diet nutritional needs. Roughly the amount of protein needed in his diet, is 20% in dog food and 30% in cat foods.

Cats are a carnivore which means they require meat protein and also have a higher need of protein intake in general than dogs. Pit bulls and dogs are omnivores like humans, which makes them able to use both meat and vegetables to balance their nutritional intake. In fact, dogs can do well on a properly balanced vegetarian diet whereas a cat might not due as well since they require more overall protein intake.

Fiber (derived from plants) is also an essential part to a balanced diet. Fiber is the indigestible substance found in food. Minimal amounts of fiber are essential for proper food digestion. Without proper fiber intake in your pet’s diet, he would suffer from diarrhea which could then result in more potential health problems and risks.

Many of the poor quality pet foods include a higher amount of fiber than most pet foods because it’s cheaper for the company to manufacture. The proper amount of fiber will mean less pooper scooping for you, the pet owner!

Dietary fat supplies are most of the body’s caloric requirements as well as essential fatty acids. In fact “fat” is the most expensive of ingredients that are found in pet foods. It is for this reason that that some of the lower pried dog food companies skimp on the quality and quantity of fats contained within the pet foods. Inadequate, poor quality fats will result in your pet having poor skin and coat health which could possible lead to more serious health concerns. There are some dog food manufacturers that add extra essential fatty acids to their food to promote healthy skin and coat – this is the food you should try and feed to your pitbull!

And there you have it, the basics to helping your pitbull avoid long term health problems and risks that may arise due to poor nutrition and eating habits. We hope these basic pet food nutrition tips will encourage you to do your research when picking which pet food is best for your bet. In the end, it will help assure your pets overall health and well being.

One food that we use and will continue to use is Canidae Dog food. It is made from all natural ingredients with no fillers or bi-products. I highly recommend it for pitbulls and any other breed of dogs. For pitbulls specifically, it gives them the nutrition they need to keep up with their active lifestyle.

All Natural and made the CANIDAE® Way with Superior Quality in Every Bag with No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Grain Fractions, Fillers or by products and Naturally Preserved!

CANIDAE® All Life Stage formula is formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.


Four Human Grade Meats – Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish 10 Natural Skin & Coat Conditioners Balanced Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and Superior Digestibility Guaranteed Enzyme Activity Antioxidant Vitamins & Amino Acid Chelated Minerals Excellent for Problem Skin & Allergies Holistic & Herbal Benefits Formulated for All Life Stages – Puppies, Adults, Seniors & Overweight Excellent Palatability - Dogs Love CANIDAE®

Visit Canidae's website to find a store near you and get your Pitbull on a great diet today!

Collar-and-Leash Tips for Mastering the Walk

Many dog owners have trouble controlling thier dogs on walks, particularly larger dogs, some of which weigh more than their owners! This may seem like an impossible challenge, but it's really as simple as using your leash and collar correctly.

You always want to exit the house FIRST. Do not exit your home or yard until your dog is sitting in a calm state. When the dog exits your home first the dog thinks that they are in charge. Always make sure your dog is walking right beside, or behind you. If they try to pull in front of you, correct them with a tug to the side and stop walking. Don't start again until they are calm and sitting. This will let your dog know who the pack leader is and keep them from getting out of hand.

1. Remember, the strongest area of a dog's neck is the lower part, so don't leash there. If you watch an Alaskan sled dog pulling a load, you'll see that the harness fits low, around the base of the neck, at the shoulder. That's because the lower part is where the dog has the most control, and where all the pulling strength of the dog is concentrated. But on a walk, having the collar on this lower part is detrimental; doing so actually facilitates your dog's ability to pull you around, which is exactly what you don't want.

2. Instead, attach the leash to the very top of the neck. This is the most sensitive part, so it takes very little effort to communicate, guide, and correct your dog from here. Holding the leash in that position also raises your dog's nose away from the ground, redirecting him from distractions, and creates a more positive learning experience and a more natural way for the dog to give you control on the walk. Always, of course, keep your dog's safety in mind when giving corrections.

3. Let the tools help you. As I say on my show Dog Wisperer, a simple leash and collar can do the trick. However, for those who have trouble keeping the collar in the correct place, you may want to tie the leash higher up on the dogs head. That way you can control your pitbull better during walks.

Choosing a Proper Dog Kennel for Your Pit Bull , By Jason Man

Choosing the proper dog kennel for your Pit Bull could be the difference between a safe day at home or coming home to find your Pit Bull friend injured or even worse, dead.

I know that might sound harsh or over board but when you have heard as many stories of how a Pit Bull got out of the yard only to be hit by a car over board doesn't even come into the picture.

Though I do believe a dog should be kept inside or given adequate outdoor housing some folks will not bring their dogs inside and think that one of those PetCo igloo dog houses is just fine for their Pit Bulls housing.

You will find several options for housing your Pit Bull. We will cover options like setting up a modular dog kennel all the way to how to build a killer outdoor dog kennel

Before we get into what kind of dog kennel you want to set up we should cover a few basics.

Outdoor or Indoor that is the Kennel Question of the Day If you're like me you believe that dogs should get some outside time. Logic tells us that spending time outdoors is healthier than being stuck inside a house all day. I mean my doctor has told me on numerous occassions to "get outside and move around" to improve my health. The same logic, at least for me, applies to dogs as well.

Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air pollution and giving your Pit Bull a break from that is helping keep them healthy.

On the flip side I'm not saying your dog should spend their life in an outdoor kennel set up either. I am saying that having a good balance of inside and outside living is healthier for your pet over the long run (in my opinion that is).

Where ever you decide to set up your dog kennel make sure you have plenty of room for it. There is nothing worse than walking into a clients home to see their dogs kennel stuck in the corner of the smallest room in the house isolated from the rest of the household. Give your dog some space.

Dog Kennel Options For indoors I suggest a play area type set up. You can use the smaller modular dog kennel set ups for this or you can modify a pet pen for your dog. If you have a Pit Bull puppy a play pen is a great way to give them some freedom and house train them as well.

You can also use a portable dog kennel and place it inside the play pen to give your dog a secure area in your home. By putting one of these portable kennels into the pen area you provide your dog a nice place to go rest and get some down time.

Next on the option list is setting up an outdoor dog kennel. Outdoor dog kennels give you more options because you have more space.

I suggest a large dog kennel that is not any smaller than 6-7 foot high and 5 foot wide by ten foot long. The best kennels are even larger ranging from 6-7 foot high and 20 foot by 20 foot or 30 by 30 foot. Basically the more space the better.

With outdoor dog kennel set ups you can buy a pre-made or a modular dog kennel or you can build your own kennel set up based on plans or your own creativity.

Sources for Dog Kennel Set Ups Before I sat down to write this article I did some searching around to find online providers for various types of dog kennel set ups that would be suitable for Pit Bulls. From puppy to adult you should find something from the following companies that will suit your needs. We train our "Pitbulls" in particular.

Dog Kennel Summary By exploring your options and choosing the best kennel set up for your dog and your living situation you are stepping up and being a responsible Pit Bull owner.

Whatever type of dog kennel you choose and where ever you choose to set it up isn't as important as providing a high quality set up to make your Pit Bull more comfortable and provide a safe haven for them to


Responsible Ownership
Responsible pet ownership is probably the most overlooked yet most important aspect of owning a pet. There are many factors that go into owning a pet from deciding which pet is right for you to proper disposal of your pet upon its passing. Responsible pet ownership is a beginning to end and every day issue one must take into account when becoming a pet owner.

When deciding on whether or not you wish to own a pet you should take into consideration the time you have available to provide attention to that pet, the environment it will be living in, your family dynamics, and expenses involved in pet maintenance.


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